Package com.solab.iso8583

This package contains the main framework classes.


Interface Summary
CustomField<T> Defines the behavior for a custom field value encoder/decoder
TraceNumberGenerator This interface defines the behavior needed to provide sequence numbers for newly created messages.

Class Summary
IsoMessage Represents an ISO8583 message.
IsoValue<T> Represents a value that is stored in a field inside an ISO8583 message.
MessageFactory This class is used to create messages, either from scratch or from an existing String or byte buffer.

Enum Summary
IsoType Defines the possible values types that can be used in the fields.

Package com.solab.iso8583 Description

This package contains the main framework classes. The one that are used directly are MessageFactory and IsoMessage. IsoType is used to indicate value types in the fields and IsoValue can be used to create values directly but is not necessary since there are convenience methods in IsoMessage.