Package j8583.example

This package contains example code.


Class Summary
ChannelServer This example uses java.nio instead of to read and write the messages to the clients.
Client Implements a very simple TCP client application that connects to a server and sends some requests, displaying the response codes and confirmations.
Example This little example program creates a message factory out of a XML config file, creates a new message, and parses a couple of message from a text file.
ProductData This class is merely used to illustrate the use of CustomField encoder/decoders.
ProductEncoder This is an example of a CustomField encoder/decoder.
Server Example of a small server app that listens on a port, receives connections and reads messages and responds back.

Package j8583.example Description

This package contains example code. There are two examples: one is a very simple example that reads a couple of messages from a text file and then generates a message from scratch and prints it out. The other example consists of two programs: a Server application which listens on port 9999 for connections, and when it receives a connection it reads ISO messages from it and sends back responses, and a Client application which connects to the server and sends messages and reads the responses asynchronously. Both Client and Server use the same config file which is in this same package.